St. Kitts

In early September 1999, I traveled to St. Kitts, in the West Indies, to help get my daughter Stephanie set up at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. The map below shows where St. Kitts is located--in the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, about an hour's flight east of Puerto Rico. Following are some of the pictures from that trip.

The Caribbean is very beautiful, but the heat and humidity are overwhelming! The clear blue sky and water come through very well in the pictures but can't begin to convey how uncomfortable the place is during the hot season, which seems to extend from at least July through October. I was fortunate enough to escape any hurricanes during my few days there--Dennis was pounding North Carolina during that time--but after I left, St. Kitts was brushed or sideswiped by a couple of hurricanes. Hurricane season is supposed to be over by the end of October.

Stephanie has been doing well academically, and would not mind staying at Ross to complete the seven semesters (actually trimesters) scheduled there, followed by a year in a US vet school. However she has applied to several US schools as a transfer (second year) as well as for first-year admission. We'll know next Spring how that works out.

These two pictures form a panorama of the view from Stephanie's balcony. On the left is the Atlantic, on the right the Caribbean, straight ahead the southern end of St. Kitts and just a corner of Nevis. Click on either one to see the full-size image (about 65 KB each). Full-size images of the rest of the pictures below are also just a click (and a download) away.

Here's Stephanie and me on the balcony.

Turn around 180 from the above and you see the living room, with large cathedral ceiling, extending to the kitchen.

Stephanie's bedroom. If you look closely, you can tell that the two pictures are of the same wall, and the desk was added between when they were taken.

(By the way, the apartment has a leaky roof! The landlord has been trying to get it fixed but no luck so far--every time it rains, the roof still leaks.)

Stephanie's roommate, Chana, and her dog, Sunshine, a mixed-breed golden retriever. Bringing a dog to St. Kitts, and keeping him there, is quite a story!

Most of my time on St. Kitts was spent running around buying things--groceries, appliances, a car, etc.--and wondering why Stephanie's freight (12 boxes) hadn't arrived. But we did have most of a Sunday afternoon to relax. We went to Turtle Beach, near the south tip of the island. There was a bit of a breeze, the day was a little cloudy so the sun wasn't quite so fierce, and it was almost comfortable. Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

From the left: the beach club at Turtle Beach; the view to the next island (Nevis); a helicopter that was giving joyrides; one of the many monkeys that live on the beach and seem to have no fear of humans (Would one of you vet students like to tell me what kind of monkey it is?); and Stephanie's friend Carla feeding the monkeys.