Merlin Dorfman

San Jose, Calif.



Experienced Software System Engineer in both aerospace/defense and commercial environments, excelling in technology-focused and product development activities.  Strengths include extensive background and accomplishments in Requirements Engineering, Software Quality Engineering, and Process Improvement.  Reputation for working effectively with collaborative cross-functional teams, and for improving productivity of supported teams and quality of products. Developed and presented training; wrote and edited technical publications in areas of expertise.


Professional Experience


Cisco Systems, San Jose, Calif.                                                           1997-2009

Quality Systems Advisory Engineer, Network Management Technology Group


Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, Calif.                                                       1994-1997

Technical Consultant, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space


Center for Systems Management and Learning Tree International        1984-2000

Course Author and Instructor

Wrote/co-wrote and delivered training courses, of duration from three days to two weeks, in Software Requirements, Design, and Testing; Software Acquisition Management; and Software Project Management.  Consistently high evaluations from the audiences (professional-level industry practitioners, government/military, and academics, in the US and Europe).


Prior Related Experience

Senior Staff Engineer, Lockheed Missiles & Space Co.




Cisco Systems


Lockheed/Lockheed Martin


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)




PhD., Aerospace Engineering, Stanford University

BS/MS, Aerospace Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Technical Addendum


Registered Professional Engineer, States of California and Colorado


Member of Tau Beta Pi (Engineering) and Sigma Gamma Tau (Aerospace) honoraries


Professional Societies



     Co-editor of:

Paper on ARTS in “Journal of Systems and Software”

PhD thesis published in “Ingenieur-Archiv” (Germany)

Author or co-author of papers in IEEE “Software” and IEEE “IT Professional”



·        General Chair of the AIA/AIAA/EIA/IEEE Western Conference on Strategic Management of Research and Development, 1988

·        Member of the Steering Committee for the IEEE International Conferences on Requirements Engineering, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002

·        Local Arrangements Committee, IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference, 2003

·        Program Review Committees, Software Engineering Institute Conferences on Software Engineering Education, 1992 to 1996

·        Program Committees for several biennial AIAA Conferences on Computing in Aerospace.   Paper on ARTS at a Computing in Aerospace conference


Additional training/education

·        Software Process Assessment, Software Engineering Institute

·        Software Requirements, UCLA Extension

·        Software Process Improvement, Software Productivity Consortium

·        ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training, Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems

·        TL 9000 Internal Auditor Training, Cisco Systems

·        Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI)

·        How to Write Good Requirements, Ivy Hooks/INCOSE

·        Object Modeling Technique, Lockheed Martin

·        Cisco Systems Engineering Fundamentals

·        Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration

·        Principles of Software Quality and Testing, Cisco Systems

·        Software Project Management, Cisco Systems

·        Principles of Voice over IP, Cisco Systems

·        Unified ISO 9001/14001 Framework and Auditing, Cisco Systems

·User Centered Design Workshop, Cisco Systems

·        ISO 14001 Internal Auditing, Cisco Systems

·        Six courses in Theoretical Physics, Stanford University Continuing Studies