December 5, 1998

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has passed, and this one has been a real roller coaster ride for the Dorfman household.

In January we got to spend some time with Merlin’s sister Zena. I spent a lot of time taking Dad to Stanford for radiation treatments his Graves’ Disease—lots of long drives in the El Niño rain.

In April Merlin and I went to Colorado Springs for his work. We only had two days in Denver to see the family.

Merlin got his first new car in 30 years—a Honda Accord. So far it is running great.

June was really terrific for our baby girl Stephanie graduated from UC-Davis. She got two degrees and did us proud. Her grandparents Julie and Gladys Dorfman were there to help us celebrate. The only down side is that she filled up the rest of the storage space in our garage with the furniture and stuff from her apartment in Davis.

June was also great because we hosted Merlin’s niece and little cousin. Lauren and Meg went to Disneyland with Steph and Merlin. Jenn played San Jose hostess. I only hope they can become lifelong friends as well as cousins.

In August I decided to finally go to a North High School reunion (40th). It was held at the Lakewood Country Club and much to my surprise it was great fun; even Merlin had a good time. Best of all I got to see both Aunt Cleo and Aunt Lorraine.

As many of you know, when I got home I got the news that our older daughter Jenn has breast cancer. She will be doing chemo and radiation until February but thank God she will be OK.

In October we had a visit from Jack and Barbara Dorfman, Merlin’s cousins from Detroit. The girls really enjoyed meeting our "lost" cousins.

You have all heard of sympathy pains. Well, as my girl friend Becky said, I took it one step too far—I had sympathy breast lumps. These were removed on December 2nd and were not cancerous.

Just before Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of a visit from my niece Lindsay.

We had a truly lovely Thanksgiving. After seven years of doing Thanksgiving with Becky’s family we finally got it right had no last-minute hassles. We had so much to be grateful for especially our friends and family whose prayers have been a true blessing.

Since Hannukah starts early this year, I am trying to get this written by December 5th as I am giving an open house on the 19th. The most important thing I would like to tell you is that Dad (Harry) will turn 90 on February 22, 1999. Marsha, Peter, and Frank are coming from South Africa. I had wanted to throw a party but Dad insists he just isn’t up to it. So instead I’m asking you all to shower him with cards or calls (408-268-4219).

I am going to close now hoping 1999 will bring you all joy, happiness, and good health. We love and miss you all.

Sandy, Merlin, Jenn, Stephanie, and Harry