December 15, 2006



Well, another year has flown, and Merlin and I want to again wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a fabulous New Year.

Two life-changing events happened in 2006.  Stephanie, our younger daughter, who was separated from her husband at the end of 2005, got divorced, and Jennafer and Mark announced that they are expecting a baby in May 2007. 

In February, Julie, Merlin’s dad, got away from the Cape Cod cold and spent a month in rainy California—too rainy and cold for us to go much of anywhere or do much of anything.  We had a much better time in August when the three of us went on a Baltic cruise.  I said hello to Sweden for my grandfather Alex, to Russia for my bubbie Jenny, and to Poland for my uncle Frank.  I must say our time in St. Petersburg was fantastic.  We also visited Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), and Tallinn (Estonia).

Merlin’s business travels this year included Salt Lake City, Raleigh-Durham (where he spent some time with his sister Peggy and brother-in-law Steve), and Minneapolis (where he visited cousins Susan and Clayton).

We were saddened this past summer when our dear relative and good friend Ida Ramen died, but celebrated a happy occasion with Ida’s family when her granddaughter Dina was married in September.

The biggest accomplishment for me this year was finishing my kitchen remodel in time for my brother Gene, my sister Marsha, my niece Lindsay, and my kids to join us for the first Thanksgiving that I have shared with Gene and Marsha in 40 years.  I know my Mom & Dad were hanging around the table with us.  Marsha and I slipped into Denver for two days to see Aunt Cleo—she turned 101 in September and we and Gene took her out for lunch.  She will always be my inspiration.  I am probably the most blessed woman to have a husband who encourages me to enjoy my family.

Marsha became a grandma in July (baby Hannah).  Gene will be a grandfather in February (we know it’s a boy).  Marsha’s son Frank is getting married March 19th.  And WE WILL BE GRANDPARENTS IN MAY!!!  So the Hoffman, Noble, and Dorfman families are really looking forward to 2007.

We won’t have family for Chanukah so Merlin and I went to Hawaii for six days earlier this month.  My best friend Becky and her family will be here for Christmas so I will get to enjoy her kids and granddaughter.

Besides the kitchen, we had some involuntary remodeling projects as well.  We had to replace a section of our roof and all the solar panels, as well as replacing some ceiling that had been damaged by the leaky roof and having the house treated for termites.

Not much more to say except know we love each of you and hope your holiday will be filled with peace and joy.



                                                                                          Sandy & Merlin