December 12, 2000

Dear Friends and Family,

The Dorfman annual report is a little late getting written this year.

It has been a busy year especially in the travel department.

In May Merlin and I did Savannah and Atlanta for a week. The Merlin Family held a reunion in Atlanta. This is where his mom's dad and his brothers and sisters immigrated. It was great to meet about 100 new relatives and see Merlin's sisters, niece, and father. The South is truly beautiful and I can see why so many descendants stayed there.

I took a trip to Paris in May with my daughter Jenn. Two of her law school friends were getting married. I was truly honored to be my daughter's companion.

In February, Stephanie became engaged to a fellow Vet student named Danny Slaton. They do not plan to marry until they are done with school. She had to go all the way to the Caribbean to find a California Jewish boy. Danny, who calls me "Mama D," is a real sweetheart. We were able to go to Tahoe in August, where Stephanie was in the wedding of one of her Davis friends, to meet Danny's parents and they seem to love Steph as much as we love Danny.

Some time around here we squeezed in a trip to Palm Springs to visit Merlin's dad and step-mom. We also spent time with my father's 96-year-old brother and his wife.

We had a great visit from my nephew Frank and my cousins Michelle and Steve and their kids.

July started a three-month visit from my sister Marsha and her husband Peter. Pure pleasure for me to have a sister around to talk with, cry with, share memories. For those who think they have too much family, count your blessings.

In August I turned 60 and Merlin gave me a girls-only holiday in Las Vegas with Jenn, Steph, Marsha, my best girl friend Becky, and my dear cousin Elaine. We walked our feet off seeing all the grand new hotels and shops. So we all went for massages so we could eat all the great food and see two fantastic shows. I am completely spoiled for the next five years.

In January Merlin won a national award, the Aerospace Software Engineering Award, from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which obviously has a very good memory since he has not done any aerospace software engineering since 1997. He also had the opportunity to attend the AIAA Fellows Dinner in May, because he traveled to Washington on Cisco business after the trip to Savannah and Atlanta. In September he was able to visit his sister Peggy while in North Carolina on Cisco business.

Jenn is now a Senior Attorney for the Mental Health Advocacy Project in San Jose, dealing mainly with housing issues. She has a wonderful boy friend named Mark, whose work has put him in New Jersey for a few years. Both of them have been flying back and forth this year. He will join us for the Christmas break.

Dad is still with us but slowly going downhill. Thank G-d his mind is still sharp. He still likes to be kept up to date on the family and friends. Aunt Cleo, Cousin Ron, and Cousin Pat are a blessing in that way.

I hope all of you have a good New Year, have someone dear to hug, and share a memory with your children so their heritage is fuller. As always, Hotel Dorfman is open to all.


Sandy, Merlin, Jenn, Steph, and Harry

PS--Late news! Jenn and Mark became engaged on December 28, and are planning a wedding for one of the few times Stephanie can be home--October 28 or late December.